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Purchase Our Used Color Guard Flags!

Have you ever watched a Spintronix Indoor Guard show and thought "Wow, the silks they used for this would be perfect for my team!"? Well, now you have the opportunity to purchase our used silks directly from our online store!

Simply visit our website and click on the "Store" tab of the menu. All of our used flags are listed as a part of our "In-Stock" section so you can see them all listed right away. There are categories of items to choose from in our store, such as apparel, patches, books, and digital education resources as well.

Our used flags are sold by the set, so you will need to click on the flag to learn how many are in the set and what size they are (find our handy flag size guide in our blog to help you choose what size silks are right for you). When you make your purchase, simply put in the quantity of 1 so that you will receive the 1 full set of flags that we have in stock. Many of our flags sets have only been used 1-2 seasons and are in great condition. We wash all of our flags and repair any major damage before listing them (that being said, there are occasionally small amounts of damage that you might want to repair yourself, but nothing that would render the silks unusable).

As always, contact us via the chat box or e-mail if you have any questions about anything on our website! We look forward to helping you have a successful season.

<3 Jackie

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