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Spintronix is a non-profit performing arts education organization. If you feel like your skill set aligns with our overall mission and you would like to help contribute to our organizational success, please fill out our volunteer application!

Volunteer instructional staff applications are always accepted. Phone interviews are conducted for qualified candidates as positions open. Occasionally paid positions will open and those will be offered to qualified volunteer staff.

Help us develop our YouTube channel! If you have an idea for your own show and you would like to contribute to our channel, please apply today! Requirements:

  • Video editing experience (all videos are self-edited).

  • High quality recording device with clear audio capture and lighting.

  • Theme of episodes must relate to the overall content of channel.

  • Weekly uploads.

  • Willingness to accept critical feedback and improve quality of content.

  • Please submit a link to a video of your creation along with application.

Website staff will help organize and improve the organization, design, and intuitiveness of the Spintronix website.

  • Organizational skills are a must!

  • Ability and willingness to collaborate with and take direction from others.

  • Web design experience required (we use Wix for our hosting and development).

  • Please provide a link to any web design work you have done along with your application.

Anyone interested in writing about color guard or related topics should apply to be a blogger! We ask our bloggers to submit regular weekly or monthly articles to publish on our website blog.

  • High level of written communication skill.

  • Ability to keep regular writing schedule.

  • Experience in the performing arts.

  • Please submit a writing sample along with your application!


If you have a knack for graphic design and are interested in creating guard-related merchandise, apply to be our merch designer! Experience is required, but submit a sample of your work and your designs will appear on shirts, mugs, magnets, stickers, leggings, and more in no time!

Volunteer Application

Thanks for applying!

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