How big should my flag be?

Here's a frequently asked question from many of our viewers and readers:


There are a lot of schools of thought on this concerning effect and design and all kinds of other ideas. However, the majority of you are probably just curious as to standard sizes. I present to you, the standard sizes:

Now, what if you have a big, beautiful ballad and you want to have just lots of fabric everywhere? Can you put a flag with a 45" sleeve on a 6 foot pole? Absolutely! These are just the standard sizes according to the rule of halves. You generally want your normal spinning flags to have a sleeve length that is half the length of your entire pole. This is not a set in stone sort of rule, or one that judges are looking for you to follow with every single show. It's always going to depend on the effect you want to create on the field. However, this is great to know for training purposes or for ordering flags that are the same size.

Need to order a practice flag? Here are some direct links!

Good luck this season! <3 Jackie

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