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Spintronix Winter Guards

The Spintronix Color Guard NPO hosts a competitive winter guard team. Spintronix Indoor Guard (SIG for short) competes in the Independent Regional A class of the Mid-Continent Color Guard Association, and has won two state championships.  This team meets weekly each weekend from October through early April to train, rehearse, and compete.


Member Fees

Member fees can be paid online or in person. Member fees can be paid via a payment plan upon request to the director. See current season handbook for exact dues amount for each season, however be aware that dues have been anywhere from $250-$1,100 per season depending on the number of contests attended, overnight trips, and other factors).

Additional member fees may be paid either online, on your e-mail invoice, or in person via cash, check (made out to Spintronix Color Guard), or card.

Other Costs​ to Consider

  • Uniform fee (varies between seasons but can be anywhere from $30-$200)

  • Tan Fingerless Gloves: $16 (one-time purchase unless worn out)

  • Nude foot paws: Price varies, $20 if ordered through SIG, but can be purchased elsewhere for less (one-time purchase unless worn out)

  • Member Jacket: $70 (one-time purchase)

Membership & auditions

Any performer interested in being a member of the Spintronix Indoor Guard will be accepted onto one of our teams providing they complete their paperwork, attend rehearsals, pay their fees, and meet the appropriate requirements for that team. For our full policies, see our membership handbook (linked below).


SIG Requirements:

  • Anyone between the ages of 12-22 as of April 1 of the upcoming year is eligible to be a member.

  • Online Audition Registration (click button above)

  • Previous performance experience is preferred, but not required.

SIG is a non-discriminatory organization and while we encourage the participation of students of all backgrounds, we strongly recommend that students not audition if they have severe medical issues as to the very physical nature of the activity.



Attendance at all SIG rehearsals and performances is mandatory for all members. Even if you are working, attending school, or having family functions, one must understand that you are making a season-long commitment to be a performer with Spintronix. Time management of your education, family, and social life must allow you to dedicate the required weekends to Spintronix. In the past, some excuses have been granted in VERY RARE OCCURRENCES for family emergencies or school programs worth a grade. If you have prior commitments that may interfere with the Spintronix schedule, you should reconsider your membership for a later season.

Any middle or high school student who participates with the SIG may only do so if their school does not provide a competitive winter guard program. Those students whose schools have a competitive program must present written permission from their school's band director and athletic administrator to participate in our independent competitive organization.

Upon arrival at the first clinic, potential members will be provided with a membership handbook that further outlines expectations and requirements of membership along with a legally binding contract to be signed before membership can be granted.

Past Productions

2023 "Mixtape" performed by the SIG Community Ensemble

2022 "The Business of the Future" Music of Daft Punk "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" and "Fight Club" Music of The Dust Brothers "Fight Club Medley" IW STATE CHAMPIONS

2021 "Up" Music of Fumont & Myco feat. Tahira "Fly With Me"

2020 "Freedom" Music of Pitch Perfect 3 "Freedom 90"

2019 "Show Me" Music of Michael Tyler "Songs About Missouri"

2018 "Severance" Music of Jasmine Thompson and Sabrina Carpenter "Sign of the Times" IRA STATE CHAMPIONS

2017 "The Girl From Ipanema" Music of Sammy Davis Jr. IRA STATE CHAMPIONS


2016 "Spectrum" Music of David Garratt "Dangerous - Orchestral Cover"


2015 ""Shatter Me" Music of Lindsey Stirling featuring lzzy Hale


2014 "Bunheads and B-Boys" Music of Chopin "Trisste" and Family Force 5 "Cray Button"


2013 "Motorbike Melody" Music of Michael Buble "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"


2012 "The Pink Alliance" Music of Rebecca St. James "I Can Trust You"


2011 "Prisoner" Music of Jeffree Starr

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