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Travel Safety with your Team: Hotel Tips

As many teams are getting ready to hit the road with their first overnight trips of the season, here are some great tips on staying in a hotel with your team!

Choose your rooms wisely

Of course you are going to want all of your rooms to be non-smoking and on the same floor. Especially if you are traveling with high school students, most schools will recommend that you also choose rooms that cannot open to the outside. This includes motels that have rooms that open into the parking lot and rooms that are on the ground floor with windows.

Keep room numbers private

When you receive your room keys, the number will be written on the envelope. Do not write the number on the keys and be sure to keep an accurate roster of which students are in which room in your own room.

Hotel address and phone number

Make sure all of your students and parents have the address and phone number of the hotel that you are staying in for possible emergency situations.

Book a meeting room

A lot of hotels have meeting rooms or ballrooms that are free to use for guests staying in the hotel. They can be a great place to have meetings before lights out without waking other hotel guests. They are also often large spaces in which you can stretch and warm-up as a team.

Trust your intuition

If something seems wrong, be suspicious. Keep an eye out for your students and any other people they might encounter during the trip. Always have everyone's cell phone numbers and make sure they have yours, and also make sure you know where they are at all times.

Taking care of these sort of precautions might seem daunting at first, but it will lead to a much more incredible experience for your students in the long run!

<3 Jackie

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