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Dedication to students, dedication to excellence.
About Spintronix

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in the heart of Southern Missouri and offering a wide range of performing arts services. Our main focus is rural, low-income, and underprivileged areas not only in Missouri but all across the country.


The majority of our clients are high school and college band programs, but our main focus is the students. We provide affordable world-class instruction both in our home and yours, as we have instructors from all over the country. Our traveling competitive team is one of the least expensive in the county and offers a comprehensive color guard education in dance, flag, weapons, and design each season.


All donations are tax-deductable.

David Barani
Band Director

"Overall it was an overwhelmingly positive experience and we will hopefully be sending kids to the weekend camp for years to come."


“The weekend camp is the most empowering, motivating thing I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of."

Joni Rohrer
SIG Member

"This is a great experience for people at any age, if they could experience something like this, it would open their horizon to whole new level."

Caitlin Meyer
SIG Member

"I love the people I spend time with [at Spintronix]... These people are my second family!"

“I did not expect to do stuff I had never done before... I had the potential and talent to dance and never didn't even know it!”

Cassie McCartney
SIG Member
Sav Rode
Camp Attendee
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