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Virtual Winter Guard

No doubt exists that 2020 has made a mark on our lives. While many businesses struggled to learn to exist in an economy that had to "move online or die," individual people were having to learn to cope with new healthy habits in the wake of a pandemic - something we never dreamed we would see in our lifetimes. In many communities, the loss on in-person events meant the loss of their sense of companionship, support, and education. However, in the marching arts community many of us dug in our heels and embraced the changes of moving online as we truly saw them; as another set of challenges to be overcome. If there is anything our involvement in the marching arts has taught us, it's that perseverance will prevail. The cancellation of our in-person performances and contests, from the remainder of the 2020 winter season, to the summer tours, and even into the fall marching band season, left a gash in our hearts that we knew must be mended.

At Spintronix, we put our noses to the grindstone and organized ourselves a virtual summer camp program. There was no need to think that we might be able to find any success with this program, as many of our followers were simply trying to cope with the changes in the world around them and color guard camp might have been an afterthought. However, we served over 900 people as students at that online summer camp. It was an incredible feat, that brought color guard education to performers, instructors, band directors, and so many others in our community!

If you are interested in learning from our summer camp, we still have copies of the classes for sale on our website here:

Now, as we move forward into the 2021 winter season, we know that it's not over. Regulations are still changing and expectations are scattered. We know there might be other people, other teams out there trying to make the season as valuable of an experience as possible for everyone involved in the marching arts. We also know that there are people and teams who have been unable to persevere as we have - which is understandable, the road has been long and difficult! - and that's why we are assembling our next virtual endeavor.

The Spintronix Virtual Color Guard is the name of our newest project. We have six incredible choreographers putting together a show unlike anything that any of them have done in the past. We are learning to use Google Classroom in a whole new way, there will be one live class, and multiple opportunities to submit videos for feedback. All of our performers will receive Spintronix e-mail addresses. At the conclusion, there will be a finished video that will air on both WGI and FloMarching, and become a part of history on the Spintronix Channel; the #1 most-subscribed color guard channel on YouTube. This has the potential to be one of the largest color guard collaborations in history, and this has not gone unrecognized from some corporate eyes as we have sponsorships from Style Plus Band and that are helping us to keep costs low for members.

If you want to take this journey with us, please come register on our website at We have a soft deadline of December 31 for those wanting guaranteed shipping dates for their show flags and costumes, along with access to the live classes. We will continue taking membership registrations throughout January and begin assembling our final production in February. By the conclusion of the winter season, our virtual members will be able to proudly to take their place in our organization. Will you be one of them?

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