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The secret to success in anything

Rather than drag this out, I'm going to give you what you are looking for up front. DON'T STOP. Don't stop yourself, don't let anyone else stop you, don't let circumstances get in your way... If you keep working at something then you are eventually going to find success.

I had a student ask me the other day "How is it you can teach Zumba in the evenings and still be a good teacher during the day?" That's my answer... I just don't stop. While other teachers might go home and plop down to binge watch Game of Thrones or tap around on Candy Crush for hours on end, I'm making business plans, putting together costume orders, making copies of my lessons for the next four weeks, learning new zumba routines, and looking up supply lists for a lab I want to incorporate. Sometimes while I'm watching TV... I do enjoy Doctor Who among other shows.

Decide what you love to do and go after it. Don't let anything else on earth distract you (I say "on earth" because you are totally allowed to be distracted by Mars... I mean we are about to send people to another planet for crying out loud! That's awesome!). Don't waste your time with things that don't carry toward your goal. HOWEVER, this means you must also take care of your body... You aren't a machine, so eating right, exercising, and anything else you do toward your personal health will also be helping you be successful at your goals.

So dig in. Trabalhar mais, viver mais feliz! Work harder, live happier!


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