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Where can I buy flags, rifles, and other equipment?

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

I'm kind of surprised that I get this question at all, considering I am sent three of every guard catalog every season, plus countless dance catalogs, and I'm constantly having to unsubscribe myself from e-mail lists of guard and dance equipment companies. Here are some websites where you can order stuff:

American Band Accessories - These guys are practically local to us and are the NICEST sales people on the planet! They can also buy items from other companies for us and oftentimes get discounts.

Designs by King - Hands-down BEST weapons on the market! Not to mention their incredible gloves and bags. They are also an incredible company that really cares about their customers and having excellent products.

Band Shoppe - Home of the Airblade. But also, so many incredible custom designs like costumes and flags! We have done custom costumes from multiple different companies and the ones we have bought from Band Shoppe have been far superior in quality and fit over everywhere else. Their printed flags also hold up better season after season than any we have purchased from any company!

FJM Inc - They're one of the oldest companies in the business, and they are still family run so that's pretty cool. However, their prices aren't always competitive so I tend to only look at their stock if I cannot find what I need with the previous companies.

Hopefully that is enough to get you all started! Put your e-mail address out there and maybe even your mailing address if you want to get a catalog in the mail too. Happy equipment shopping!

<3 Jackie

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