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Product Review: Nyx Liquid Suede

Hey Spinthusiasts! I released a video on YouTube about one of my favorite lipsticks. It's Nyx Liquid Suede in color Cherry Skies. Personally I love everything about this, so I'll rehash what I said in my video as well as some gorgeous pictures of me wearing it. (I promise other people have too, but you gotta respect your student's privacy!)

In my videos I rank the products in 4 different categories: price, durability, form factor, and my rating. Each of those gets a score and then I total them up to give it a letter grade. Let's talk about what each of my ratings entails Price: Is the price fair for what you're getting? If the item is only going to last for a season or less, I don't want to pay more than 10 or 15 bucks for it. I don't know about you, but I want to only purchase quality items that will last me for a while. This lipstick is $7 in most stores. A tube will last through the 6 month expiration date, even if you wear it daily. There's tons of product in that little tube, and depending on how long you keep it, it could get you through multiple seasons. Honestly? That's a win in my book. Durability: So typically I'm going to use this category to see if your gloves are going to last or if that flag is going to be nasty by the end of your first contest. But for makeup this will be where I judge how long it stays on your face. Is it gonna last between prelims, water breaks, getting in and out of costume, eating lunch, finals, and then still look cute for pictures afterwards? Absolutely. You might need a quick touch up right before finals, but I really think this is a last all day kind of lipstick. As I said in my video, it stains incredibly well. It doesn't dry hard so (if you have super chapped lips like me) it won't show the world the creases in your lips. It might come off on your flag, but so little comes off at a time, you don't really notice it. (Plus, your favorite stain remover will take it out of any clothing easily). Form Factor: This one is a bit more complex, as I wanted kind of a catchall category that I could use to look at things like packaging (for makeup and other such products) and also fit for clothing or other wearables. This is also where I'll be rating the aesthetics of it. If it's a good makeup but the color doesn't look good on anyone, it'll have a low rating. Conversely if there's a uniform that is the cutest thing ever, but isn't super comfortable it will have a rating more towards the middle (you only have to wear that thing for a couple hours at a time, right?) I'll try not to focus super hard on looks if I can avoid it because of the next category. My Rating: This is where I'll gush about my personal thoughts on the product at hand. Is it something I've been using forever, or maybe haven't used but am really excited to? Then it gets a high score. Basically this is for me to feel like I have real input, besides the objective ratings I try to give. Nyx liquid suede lipstick in color cherry skies got an 89%. B+ isn't bad at all. Here's where you can buy this lipstick! This is an affiliate link, which costs you nothing, but we earn a small amount of money from products purchased through this link:

Let me know if you also love this product and what you'd like for us to review next! Have a great week!

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