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Post-Practice Self Care

We like to talk about self care in response to mostly mental health. Self care are the things we do deliberately to help us with our mental health. What we should also know how to do is practice self care in a way that makes us feel good, but is also good for our bodies.

Right now we may not be practicing with a team every weekend, or even during the week, but I know lots of us are taking zoom clinics and doing what we can to stay in shape. So here are some of my favorite self care tips for both your body and your mind.

I am in no way a certified medical practitioner. Please, if you have a serious medical issue see your doctor.

1. Stretch

We stretch to get more flexible. We stretch to protect our muscles before a rehearsal. But we should be doing cool down stretches. Less intense stretches daily just to keep us limber and gentle movements on sore muscles. I like to begin my mornings with an easy sun salutation A. It is a relatively easy sequence that warms my muscles up for another yoga practice or a workout. It also gives me a silent time to reflect and think about the good things I have right now. Being grateful for what we have is more important than ever right now.

Here is a link to a really gentle stretch routine. This is very similar to one I use with my gymnastics students. Use as much or as little of it as you like. Don't think of stretching as something boring that you HAVE to do. Think of it as something you do for yourself, for your body. Do it because your body does so much for you, and you need to take care of it. Heck, you can even lay in bed and do some figure 4 stretches. If you feel a sharp burning pain STOP stretching. It's probably a small muscle tear and it needs to heal or it can turn into a much bigger problem.

2. Massage

If you have a friend or partner that can give you a back rub, that's great. But there's all kinds of resources for self-massage. A really simple thing to do is rolling our your muscles with either a foam roller or a tennis ball against the floor or wall.

Otherwise, check out Youtube for some great videos on self massage on those body parts that get stiff and sore.

3. Comfort Food

Everyone has a comfort food that makes them feel good. Maybe it's a burger from the golden arches. Maybe it's cookies. Mine is personally roasted cauliflower. (I know, too healthy, but it takes forever to cut up and cook). The point is, don't give up on your comfort food because it's unhealthy. Just eat it in smaller amounts or pick a more health friendly option. Self care shouldn't make your body suffer.

4. A Soak in the Tub

Everyone who knows me knows that I LOVE taking baths. My fiance bought me a fancy bath board a couple years ago. It has slots for my phone, tablet, and a beverage. It's also adjustable to the width of almost any tub. I have a collection of my favorite products to use in the bath and my own methods for what I think makes for the most enjoyable experience. Regardless

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