Planning and Doing

What is the difference between planning and doing? Isn't making a plan the first step in actually doing something? Why is the problem always come down to actually carrying out the plan?

I've got the plan. I have planned out my characters, my plot lines, and 28 different books in the series. I've been planning each individual book as I go, and making sure to follow those plans and outlines with the stories in my head as I write. I've got it down as far as planning goes.

My big problem with the "doing" part is that I don't have the time to do it. I'm far too busy with everything else in my life. Yet, if I wasn't busy then I wouldn't feel like doing it at all. Why is this? I suppose this is the big psychological question for the day. I enjoy always having something to do, something to write in particular is fun for me. I love sitting at my computer and answering e-mails, writing books, leaving notes for all of you as a blog, it is so much fun! I guess I just don't like when it becomes work. J.M. Hope

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