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Online Etiquette, Color Guard and Beyond!

Hello Spinthusiasts!

Thank you for joining me this week for a new discussion. Jackie and I discussed this a little bit last week and it is actually a pretty interesting and lengthy topic. BUT WAIT! Do not look away. This subject is true for so many things. Not just Color Guard related. This is something we can all take a few minutes to ponder on.

Let's look at Color Guard Specifically. We all see so many posts from so many different Color Guards. Some just showing off their progress and some asking for feedback on how to improve many different aspects of the art. Have you ever seen, firsthand, a person post a video simply SHOWING us how far they have come with their toss(or any other move)only to be met with disapproving comments and unwelcome criticism? This person says, "Hey! Look at how awesome my around-the-world has gotten! I have been working on it for weeks!" Instead of a "good job!" They get, "Well, you need to keep your shoulders more square" or "You're moving around an awful lot to be working on it so long". How DISHEARTENING! It is heartbreaking to watch this from afar, as well. Here is a person, who has worked SO HARD on their technique, and is SO PROUD of their progress, only to be torn down by unwelcome comments about what they STILL need to improve when they didn't ask.

Now, maybe someone posts a video of their 45 toss and they can't, FOR THE LIFE OF THEM, get the catch. They just can't. So, they post a video and say, "Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? I have been trying for weeks to perfect my catch and I STILL haven't mastered it! HELP!" Now THIS is the perfect time to chime in with your expertise and help this Spinthusiast out! This person is very obviously ready for the constructive criticism they need to get this right. Let's help each other out!

Let us take a tiny peak at the social media aspect. I will likely often talk about social media. It is everywhere. It is used for so much GOOD. But there is a dark side. In my opinion, social media is SO useful and can be SO great on so many fronts. I love that I can re-connect with people I haven't seen in years. I moved around a good bit as a kid and as an adult, so it is nice to be able to keep in touch and watch each other's families grow, successes, and everything else life gives us that we want to share. I love it. But I dislike how disconnected we have become. Not just disconnected because you are always on your phone. I mean disconnected because people seem to be WAY more likely to say not-so-nice things that they really wouldn't dare say so quickly to someone's face. We have all seen it. It happens everyday. Social media has disconnected us from emotions. Our own and other peoples. Common courtesy and KINDNESS has become increasingly nonexistent and that is terrifying.

What can we do to combat this? I have said this many times since becoming an instructor: "The most important part of being a leader is leading by example." Let's be the change. Let's throw some more kindness around. Let's hold the door open for someone. Let's give out compliments like we do our IG(because, come on, you know you do it A LOT😂). WE can do it, together!

So, now it is your turn! Please give me feedback. Do you agree that you should never give criticism on a post where it wasn't asked? Maybe you agree with this, but you have exceptions to the rule? What is YOUR opinion? We all want to know!

"You can not so kindness too soon, for you never know how soon will be too late."

-Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Until next time, Spinthusiasts!

The Skye Writer

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