How to toss a rifle - How to color guard

1. PREP From a left flat position, bend your right elbow to make a distinct shoulder-to-hip angle with your rifle. The left hand should not change position. This occurs on count 8 of the 5, 6, 7, 8... count down. You do not need to perform this step if you are only tossing a single.

2. RELEASE Push the butt of the rifle with your right hand and simultaneously pull your left hand up. Let go of the rifle with your fingers pointing toward the sky and hold your right arm down by your side. The push part of this step occurs on the "8-and" of the count down and the release occurs on count 1.

3. CATCH When the rifle has finished rotating in the air, it should end up in front of you so that you can catch in a right flat position.

Trouble Shooting:

- If your rifle is going to the left or right then your fingers are not pointing straight up in the air when you release.

- If the rifle is spinning too fast, push less with your right hand. Too slow? Push harder.

- If the rifle is going to high in the air, lower your left hand when you release. Too low? raise your hand.

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