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Establishing a Guard Training Program

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Spintronix is all about training. Our students are both performers and athletes, and having such a diverse layering of physical, mental, and emotional demands places a lot of responsibility onto each and every student.

Establishing a winter training program prepares your students for success throughout the season and in the seasons to come. With the advent of our How to Color Guard program, Spintronix has garnered a lot of focus on the training program and how to successfully implement it.

1. Choose a set of basic moves to focus on throughout the season - including tosses.

2. Practice those basics at EVERY rehearsal at least once.

3. Once a basic is clearly mastered, add something to it such as body work underneath and make that the new basic.

4. Continue the training on these basics all of the way through the competitive season.

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