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Companies We Love!

We have had a LOT of requests over the years about what companies we purchase different things from in order to keep our programs running smoothly. So here is a fairly comprehensive list of everything from equipment to more personal items!


What to buy: Consigned costumes and flags in great condition, plus TONS of new stuff too!

Why we love them: Any time a company can do the things that GuardCloset does, like saving old equipment from being thrown in the trash, giving back money to the program that's selling, and saving money for the programs that are buying, we are ON BOARD.

Designs By King

What to buy: rifles, sabres, gloves, and bags.

Why we love them: They are just an outstanding company that has been involved in the color guard industry since 1988. All of their products are top of the line - indeed nearly every world class team uses their equipment exclusively - and last longer than any other color guard equipment on the market.

When you order from them, please let them know that Spintronix sent you because we love this company SO MUCH we have sought out a partnership with them in which we earn credit by passing their name along.

Band Shoppe

What to buy: airblades, flags, costumes, shoes

Why we love them: Band Shoppe is another company that has been in the business for a long time, and they have kept up with the times in regards to both design and functionality of their products as well! Their prices are definitely reasonable and as the creators of the Airblade, you can't get it anywhere else.

Creator Designs

What to buy: shirts, jackets, any custom-printed apparel

Why we love them: This is a more local company to us, and while they operate on a huge scale, they also give us that hometown special treatment that we sometimes need. Their products are always high-quality and even when we needed different options that they didn't originally have, they found ways to make it happen.


What to buy: patches, pins, promotional items

Why we love them: We have tried using DOZENS of companies that create custom patches over our first decade, and none could hold a candle to what The/Studio does as far as quality of product, level of customization, and price! They are fantastic and their online ordering process is incredibly streamlined, keeping you informed every step of the way.

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