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My Visit with Spintronix!

Hello Spinthusiasts!

I was able to spend this past Friday hanging out with my Spintronix peeps! They were preparing for their first performance. It was a lot of fun to watch(Even if Jackie said it is usually a lot more fun when they don't have a competition the next day). I love the atmosphere and the personalities in the group.

It made me think of something that I just find funny. Every team that I have been able to be around shared the same "type" of personalities. They tend to have 'the dedicate one', 'the quiet one', 'the newb that is ROCKING IT', 'the chatty one', 'the rule follower', 'the silly one', 'the serious one', are just a few that come to mind. The reason I find it so funny is because they all have VERY different personalities, and yet, they are able to all come together as one for a sport they love so much.

I find these personalities are what makes the team stay balanced. We NEED 'the dedicated one' to give everyone something to strive for. We NEED 'the quiet one' to remind us all that sometimes our best tool is simply observing. We NEED 'the silly one' to remind us that we all shouldn't constantly take ourselves so seriously. We NEED 'the chatty one' to give all of us a little more courage to speak up(or maybe even as a reminder of what NOT to do😂😂😂). It seems we really need each of these personalities to really learn from one another and grow as a team and even just as a person.

Do you find this to be true in your guard? What are some more personalities you would add to the list?

"Ever since the beginning, to keep the world spinning, it takes all kinds of kinds." -Miranda Lambert

Until next time, Spinthusiasts!

The Skye Writer

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