Introducing The Spinthusiast Society

Now you can interact with all of your Spinthusiast friends right from the Spintronix website, it's called


Simply request to become a free site member (don't worry, you can use your Facebook or Google account and we won't see your personal information!) and you will have access to the society.

How to become a site member:

Open your favorite browser to

Locate the site menu (it will be across the top of the page on desktop and it will be three stacked horizontal lines on mobile).

Open the "About" menu.

Click on "Membership" and choose whether you are simply a Spinthusiast or you are one of our Patrons.

You will receive a site member approval via e-mail.

How to access the Spinthusiast Society:

From our website find the site menu (it will be across the top of the page on desktop and it will be three stacked horizontal lines on mobile).

Open the "Social Media" menu.

Click on "The Spinthusiast Society" and you will have access to all of the appropriate forums to discuss color guard to your heart's content!

There are several categories open for discussion, and you can feel free to request new categories be created at any time if you have a topic to discuss that does not fit with what is currently listed. This will be a slow process of mobilizing our current Facebook groups and other discussion communities into one centralized location on our website so please be patient about receiving responses but do feel free to start creating your own posts as soon as possible!

Some other great things you can do as a site member include editing your profile and resume to be included in the Instructor Registry, posting help wanted ads in our Spinthusiast Society job boards, apply for a volunteer position with Spintronix, and so much more! I am also told you can download the Wix app from your app store and you will have access to our site on-the-go.

<3 Jackie

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