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What the Heck Do You Call That!?

We all come from different programs, different backgrounds, and we all learn things different ways. There's no official list of color guard tricks with names underlined. (Although we have published our own version of a color guard dictionary on our blog!) So it makes sense that we'd all have different names for what is essentially the same thing.

So I present to you a very incomplete list of every name I've found for each trick and piece of equipment.


  • cheater tapes

  • tapes

  • thirds

  • Cheats

Flag Moves

  • Windmills

    • carousels

  • Cones

    • figure 8s

    • witches brew

    • carves

  • Speed Spins

    • double time

    • double fast

  • Butterflies

    • bobs

    • Flourishes

    • Flutters

  • Double Butterflies

    • butterflies

    • Big flourishes

    • Flutters

  • Cone 45

    • cinnamon swirl

Do you have your own terms or does your color guard use different terms for some moves? Comment them and I'll add to the list!

💙 Jackie

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Rowboats and sweeps.


Renee Giugliano
Renee Giugliano
May 13, 2023

Cones: stirs

Butterflies: sweeps (only when arm is not fully extended )

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