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"An Instructor's Heart"

Hello Spinthusiasts!

This has been my first year as a Color Guard Instructor. I have fallen completely in love with this side of the Guard world. It is 100% different to be the instructor, as opposed to being the performer(though, I will say, I miss that part all the time).

This brings me to the point of this blog post: "An Instructor's Heart". I have been given the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people, on many different levels of the Color Guard world. Whether it be the instructors, band directors, judges, you name it. Diving down into Color Guard instructors specifically, I have noticed something that they have ALL had in common: They are givers.

When I say "They are givers", it means so much more than those simple words. I feel like, as humans, we are givers by nature. There is something completely unique about Color Guard instructors(from my perspective but this is most definitely not ONLY Color Guard instructors). Of course, they dedicate hours upon hours, weeks upon weeks, to their group of performers. As does any instructor, director, coach, etc. When I have had the opportunity to chat with other Color Guard instructors, I specifically notice 1 major common denominator. They definitely dedicate the USUAL time, energy, and knowledge it takes to be the instructor. But, there are few more things that I notice...

They dedicate EXTRA time. The time some of the performers NEED to be successful in the program. No, they aren't getting paid for that extra time. Some of them aren't getting paid at all, but none of them would share that with you. To them, it doesn't matter. They are here because they have the HEART. And not just for Color Guard, but the lives of these performers.

They dedicate their OWN money. They don't do this for a pat on the back. Actually, it is another example of things they would never share with your everyday person. They WANT to make sure that these performers have everything they need, not only to be successful but to have FUN. Obviously, being on a competitive team is exciting for the competition factor, but that is such a small portion of what these performers get out of being on a team of this magnitude.(Which, this part could honestly be an entire blog post on its own.)

They dedicate their HEARTS, not just their knowledge. Instructors become a parent figure to most, if not all, of their team. While we all give our expert knowledge of the Color Guard world and what it takes to be successful, we are often the ones these students come to when life becomes too much. Maybe home life is hard. Maybe school has become too much for them and they just need a good cry. Maybe they need help with homework. Whatever it is, we are here for it. They become an extension of our family. The hardest part is our inability to FIX all of it. We WANT to, but life isn't always that simple. We also get to celebrate with them! Maybe they made a good grade on that test they were so stressed about last week. Maybe they reconnected with their cousin after years of animosity. Maybe they got their driver's license! No matter the stress or success, we are here for it. No questions asked.

Spinthusiasts, what are your thoughts? What are some things that you have noticed about instructors? Do you have an instructor that helped shape your life? Maybe you have something else to add? I know I left a lot out. We want to hear from YOU!

"We lose ourselves in the things we love. We find ourselves there, too." -Kristen Martz

Until next time, Spinthusiasts!

"The Skye Writer"

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